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This product has been introduced at 2011-2012 winter.

The owner of ski resort The Massif in Charlevoix was looking for a builder of original Austrian luge in Québec for his very new winter sport !

After many contacts with factories not too far from Petite-rivière-St-François he has been informed that Markus Peter as a plant in Quebec city and is very competent at working with woods products.

Markus is born in Austrich and the luge was a child sport for him. His first luge has been build by his father. Of course he knows about a sled like that.

With his knowledge and facilities of his factory, it was the place for The Massif to make bussiness with him. He is now the official supplier of them and can build a very professionnal luge on industrial quantities.


Who is Markus Peter ?

Markus is a renowned entrepreneur and have many products on his credit in his industrial production center.

He is born in Austrich, he made his studies at sculture school at his home country and became a Master sculptor. Then he moves to California to get new competences. He migrate to Canada about 20 years ago and settle his workshop in WENDAKE where he established his notority at putting together ideas to turn a small product into a mass production item.

He move to new modern a wider factory in industrial parc about 5 years ago.

He got the brain, creativity and a good factory to transform ideas into reality.


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